Departments in UHK

Anaesthesia & Critical Care

The UHK Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care provides a full range of anaesthetic services to support the entire hospital including the Maternity Service. The Anaesthetists also staff a 5 bedded Intensive Care Unit in conjunction with a highly specialised multi-professional critical care team to deliver high quality critical care to the people of Kerry.

Key Services

The UHK team of 7 Consultant Anaesthetists and 12 Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors provide pre-operative assessment, general and regional anaesthesia, and post-operative pain management for patients undergoing emergency and elective surgical procedures. They are supported in doing this by skilled theatre nursing staff who care for each patient throughout their journey through theatre.

The department provides a 24 hr labour epidural service and anaesthesia for emergency and scheduled Caesarian sections. The anaesthetic team also staffs the 5 bedded Intensive Care unit which offers a full spectrum of general ICU facilities and treatments.

Within ICU the Anaesthetists work alongside a highly skilled multi-professional team composed of Critical Care Nurses and Healthcare Workers, specialist Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians, Occupational Therapists, a Consultant Microbiologist and an Antimicrobial Pharmacist.


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    Tel: (066) 718400

    Key People

    Dr Suresh Chittoodan – Consultant Anaesthetists and Clinical lead

    Dr Humayun Zaheer – Consultant Anaesthetist

    Dr Klaus Pollmaan-Daamen – Consultant Anaesthetist

    Dr Stefan Dudek – Consultant Anaesthetist

    Dr Damien Stack – Consultant Anaesthetist

    Dr Niamh Feely – Consultant Anaesthetist with a Special Interest in Intensive Care

    Dr Andreaa Voicu – Consultant Anaesthetist