Departments in UHK

Biochemistry (General Chemistry, Immunology and Endocrinology)

The Clinical Biochemistry department provides a comprehensive service to the hospital, General Practitioners and local community hospital. Biochemistry is an INAB accredited laboratory for Clinical Chemistry and Electrophoresis since 2020. The department is governed by a consultant chemical pathologist who provides advisory services to service users on request. The department carries out approximately 3 million laboratory tests annually.

The department is organised into one core laboratory (General chemistry and endocrinology), Immunology (Electrophoresis, Allergy, Coeliac, specific antibodies) and referrals section (samples are referred to external locations for analysis).

The laboratory provides a 24 hour service 365 days per year with restricted emergency service outside routine working hours of 8am to 8pm (Mon – Fri) (excluding bank holidays)

For all general queries and results, call Pathology Office on 066 718 4363(4)

For specific laboratory enquiries call Biochemistry Laboratory on 066 718 4369


Tel: (066) 7184369


Key People

Head of Department: Mr. James O Mahony