Blood Sciences Laboratory

Laboratory Development

Having commenced construction in the Spring of 2022, the new Laboratory at UHK heralds a significant investment into the provision of Laboratory Medicine services in the Southwest of Ireland.

Based in Tralee, University Hospital Kerry provides healthcare to the population of Kerry and surrounding catchment areas totalling circa 180,000 people.

Investment in Technology

The Pathology department in UHK is currently in the tendering process in conjunction with Laboratory Medicine CUH for a fully automated tracked Blood-sciences solution. The solution will consist of automated pre-analytics, on-track centrifugation, sample sorting, decapping, recapping, aliquoting and archiving, in addition to an online sample storage unit connected to track.

The track will ensure the analysis of Clinical chemistry, Immunoassay, and Haematology samples all on the one automated solution. This track will be accommodated in the pre-designed Blood-sciences space in the new Pathology laboratory build. The area will also accommodate serum protein electrophoresis, autoimmune serology and allergy screening.

 “As a profession we aim to deliver a highly efficient and effective service. This significant investment into a state-of-the-art automated solution in a purpose designed new laboratory space will allow us to provide an efficient service to our users and give us scope to expand our services” said Dr. Grace Creedon, Laboratory Manager, Pathology Department at UHK

 The new Laboratory Blood bank space will accommodate two newly commissioned Blood Group analysers designed to provide a fully automated, walk away system for ABO Rh D grouping, Antibody screening and identification, Direct coombs testing, Antigen typing and Compatibility testing. The new Microbiology Laboratory will be designed to accommodate the increased molecular testing developments which have occurred over the past two years while also accommodating the traditional Microbiology testing equipment and techniques.

The €6.75million development of this 1,200 sq.m. state of the art Laboratory and supporting accommodation is part of an overall €12.75million investment into UHK which includes significant investment into an additional obstetrics theatre, upgrade and extension to the Oncology Ward, additional accommodation in the orthopaedic ward, and enhancement to the maternity-birthing, triage assessment, and antenatal wards.

UHK Laboratory Building

Investment in People

With the new Pathology Laboratory due for completion in May 2023, the investment signals the opportunity for significant career development with the creation of additional posts at Chief Medical Scientist Level in blood Transfusion, Haematology and Biochemistry.

This is in addition to the current careers structure from Basic grade Medical scientists through to Specialist Medical scientist in each department. The role of the Laboratory aid is highly valued in the laboratory with opportunities for laboratory aides to assist scientists in each department.  This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in Medical science to be part of the future of Healthcare in Kerry and to develop their career in a modern laboratory environment.

Teamwork is highly valued at UHK – individual strengths are recognised and celebrated, and there is a commitment to advancing the careers of everyone. Management within UHK are also developing further opportunities for candidates to avail of significant bursary and CPD development, having already successfully supported team members to complete Masters degrees. As part of its 50th year celebration in 2023, the Pathology department will be offering two successful candidates Bursary’s for completion of the Biomedical Science MSc.

Currently posts are being advertised in all departments, and prospective candidates are asked to log on to The Careers Page on UHK for further details about the roles and the development of the new Blood-sciences laboratory at UHK.



General Laboratory Office –
General Result Enquiries: 
Tel: (066) 71843634
Fax: (066) 718 4158

Central Specimen Reception – Specimen Enquiries:
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Blood Bank Lab enquiries:
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Biochemistry Lab enquiries:
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Haematology Lab enquiries:
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Microbiology Lab enquiries:
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Histopathology Lab enquiries:
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IT and Quality Dept. enquiries:
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Key People

Dr. Grace Creedon, Laboratory Manager 

Prof. M. Cahill, Consultant Haematologist

Dr M Louw,  Consultant Chemical Pathologist 

Dr Joy Baruah, Consultant Microbiologist

Ms. Carol Shanahan, Pathology Quality Manager

Ms. Mary Foley, Pathology IT Manager

Mr. C. Power, Chief Medical Scientist (Microbiology)

Ms. H. Reid, Specialist Scientist  – Blood Bank

Mr. J. O’ Mahony, Specialist Scientist  – Biochemistry

Mr. D Burke, Specialist Scientist  – Haematology

Ms. N. Lovett, Specialist Scientist –  Microbiology

Ms. J. Lyne Specialist, Scientist – Molecular Diagnostics 

Ms. K. Ashmann, Laboratory Lead – CSR

Ms. M. O’ Riordan, Haemovigilance Officers

Ms. N. Hunt