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General Medicine


Cardiac Diagnostics department is a key element within the Cardiology Service providing a wide spectrum of high quality non-invasive cardiac tests. Cardiac rehabilitation is also provided at UHK – this is a comprehensive programme of care for people who have had a cardiac event.

Key Services

All Cardiac Diagnostic Services are delivered by a dedicated team of Cardiac Physiology Staff. Our experienced Physiologists maintain the highest levels of International Accreditation including British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) Accreditation and IBHRE Accreditation.

Currently there is no direct access for cardiac diagnostics via GP services. Referrals are made from South/southwest Group Consultants. Diagnostics are provided for Scheduled (outpatient) and unscheduled (inpatient) care.

The cardiac rehabilitation programme offers a comprehensive programme of support for patients who have had a cardiac event such as heart attack, coronary stenting, heart surgery or heart failure.  It is delivered by a multidisciplinary team including, cardiologist, nurse specialists, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, smoking cessation officer and dietitian.


Diagnostics: (066) 7184040

Rehabilitation: (066) 7184000

Key People

Natasha Daly, Chief Cardiac Physiologist
Binu Nair, Senior Cardiac Physiologist
Eoin Gilmore, Senior Cardiac Physiologist.
Elizabeth Reidy Keane, Cardiac Physiologist
Mairead Kelliher, ECG Technician
Noelle McCoy, ECG Technician
Kay Karim, Cardiac Rehabilitation Co-ordinator
Kay O’Donoghue Hayes, Cardiology Nurse