Pathfinder Milestone

Pathfinder Milestone

Pathfinder Reach Milestone

First 100 Calls Reached

Pathfinder Kerry, the innovative healthcare initiative that commenced operations in early August 2023, is proud to announce the completion of its 100th call on November 21, 2023.

 Pathfinder Kerry is as a groundbreaking service, designed to deliver personalised care to individuals aged 65 and over who dial 999/112, right in the comfort of their own homes. The Pathfinder Kerry team, consisting of an Advanced Paramedic and an Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist, conducts comprehensive assessments during home visits to determine if individuals can safely remain at home instead of being transported to the Emergency Department of UHK.

 In a remarkable outcome, 74% of the individuals assessed during the first 100 calls successfully continued their care at home, showcasing the effectiveness of Pathfinder Kerry’s tailored approach.

 “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this service to suitable older people here in our local Kerry community.” said Mary Fitzgerald Hospital Manager, University Hospital Kerry.

 Pathfinder Kerry expresses gratitude to its dedicated team and looks forward to continuing its mission of enhancing the quality of healthcare for the people of Kerry.


Further Information About Pathfinder Kerry:

 Pathfinder Kerry is a transformative healthcare initiative launched in August 2023, providing personalised care to individuals aged 65 and over who contact emergency services. With a focus on in-home assessments, Pathfinder Kerry aims to reduce unnecessary transports to the Emergency Department, ensuring tailored and effective care for the senior community. For full details visit:

Interim Oncology Unit

Interim Oncology Unit

Interim Oncology Unit

Official opening of Oncology Interim Unit

University Hospital Kerry (UHK) is honoured to announce the official opening of its newly renovated Interim Oncology Day Ward on the 10th of November 2023.

Located within the hospital in a reconfigured space of the Ratoo Ward, this dedicated medical oncology unit exemplifies a commitment to patient-centred care and comfort.

The newly transformed unit provides a modern, bright, and compassionate environment, ensuring patients experience privacy and a welcoming atmosphere.  UHK’s teams supported by the CUH oncology Directorate along with HSE Estates  have meticulously planned the interim unit, placing patients and their journeys at the heart of the design.  Patient feedback has been invaluable in shaping this purpose-built space, ensuring it meets the needs of those undergoing treatment. A specific contribution was also made to this Unit by the ‘Comfort for Chemo Kerry’ charity in the form of funding for specialist relaxing treatment chairs designed to support our patients with comfort during this challenging time.

When UHK first commenced an oncology service in 2001 there were approximately 831 patients – Today with over 220 new patients annually, there are over 3,000 patients under continuing surveillance with us.  Further, a survivorship[1] clinic has commenced at UHK seeing breast cancer patients initially & plans to expand to other patient cohorts next, to ensure patients have the supports they need to get back to living.   The demand for cancer treatments has significantly increased, with Patients at UHK and elsewhere receiving more treatments for longer.  The number of patients receiving infusional anti-cancer treatment in UHK has in fact increased by 30% since 2019.  All of which has prompted the expansion of the oncology services at UHK. The Interim Unit boasts a 40% increase in capacity, allowing for a more extensive range of treatments, including innovative therapies like immunotherapy.   This expansion not only accommodates the existing growth in patient numbers, it also enables flexible scheduling and urgent treatments.

While this interim unit addresses the immediate needs, UHK is diligently focusing on the development of a permanent stand-alone oncology unit. Currently at the design stage, this future-proofed facility aims to provide safe, timely, and evidence-based care for oncology patients.   Dr Sinead Noonan, Consultant Medical Oncologist, has highlighted that “While this Interim Unit will meet our current demand, it is crucial that we focus our energies now to the development of a permanent stand-alone oncology unit. One which will be future-proofed to provide safe, timely, evidenced-based care to our oncology patients. This planned permanent unit will also enable us to meet the projected doubling of patient numbers over the next ten years.

The UHK Management Team expressed their gratitude to the Palliative Care Services, staff members who relocated from the Ratoo Ward, and the dedicated teams in Estates, Maintenance, and Building Contractors for their invaluable support in making this transition possible.  Mary Fitzgerald said “Your dedication has turned the vision into reality. To all of the staff who worked tirelessly, ensuring a smooth service transition to the new interim Unit.  Thanks to you, our patients will receive the care they need in their new surroundings”

Acknowledging the exceptional dedication of UHK’s oncology team, including nurses, clinical nurse specialists, advanced nurse practitioners, registrars, consultants, and support staff, the hospital also extended its heartfelt thanks to the people of Kerry.  Their unwavering support has played a pivotal role in bringing holistic, patient-centred oncology care closer to home.

Paediatrics Area in ED

Paediatrics Area in ED

Paediatrics Area in ED

Redecorated Paediatrics Area in UHK’S ED Department Honors Late Nurse Kerrie Browne

The Browne family unveiled the newly redecorated Paediatrics area in the Emergency Department of University Hospital Kerry (UHK) on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023. This heartfelt initiative pays tribute to their beloved daughter and sister, Kerrie Browne, whose memory will forever be honoured at UHK.

Kerrie Browne, a compassionate and dedicated nurse, tragically lost her life on October 2nd, 2019. Prior to working at UHK, Kerrie had worked as an agency nurse in London for five years. Her return to Ireland was marked by her vivacious work as a nurse at UHK, where she quickly made an indelible mark on her colleagues. In the spirit of remembering Kerrie’s vibrant personality and her love for travel, the Browne family organised the Kerrie Browne Memorial 5K Run in Brosna on January 5th, 2020, raising an impressive €7,000 for University Hospital Kerry.

The central feature of the redecorated Paediatrics area is its captivating murals, a symbol of Kerrie’s passion for exploration and adventure. The Paediatric waiting area is embellished with wall to wall muralling which include a World Map, recognising Kerrie’s love of travel. Inside the paediatric cubicles, our paediatric patients will find a park-themed design complete with a park bench, adorned with the heartfelt inscription, In loving memory of Kerrie Browne; In a thoughtful addition, one of the Paediatric bays, Bay-3, has been redecorated with a muted colour scheme, creating a comfortable environment for children who may have visual sensitivities.

The redecorated Paediatrics space in the Emergency Department will continue providing essential services while now also creating an environment that fosters healing and comfort. The addition of these murals have absolutely transformed an everyday space into a vibrant and child-friendly area, delivering an audio/visual separation from the adult ED space.

The UHK team expresses profound gratitude to the Browne Family for their remarkable generosity. The Browne family’s dedication to preserving Kerrie’s memory through this exceptional redecoration project serves as a testament to their unwavering love and enduring commitment to Kerrie’s memory.

Generations of children to come will have their Emergency Department experience, greatly enhanced, by this uplifting and touching gesture the Browne family have enabled through their fundraising, to Kerry’s legacy.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet


Medical Finance Payroll

Post Duration:
2 to 2.5 Hrs per week, with a 6 month commitment.


University Hospital Kerry

The main role of the volunteer will be to provide a friendly welcome, reassuring first impression to all who enter the hospital

6 month commitment required for 2 – 2.5 hours per week

The role would be to assist and guide visitors and patients to the various wards, departments and clinics in the hospital.

The Volunteer Services will be provided in the main reception area, Out Patient Department and other areas as required.

Specific task will include :

Front hall Duties (via the Volunteer Information Desk)

Provide directions & information

Directing patients/visitors to clinics departments etc, if required 


Nollaig Barry, Administration, University Hospital Kerry

0667184109 –

People of UHK 2023

People of UHK 2023


Award Winners for 2023

On the 1st of August, the Ballygarry Estate outside Tralee played host to the much-awaited People of UHK Awards, a heartwarming ceremony orchestrated by University Hospital Kerry (UHK) to celebrate the exceptional individuals and teams shaping lives within their care. Now in its second year, this event shines a spotlight on those who exemplify the essence of compassion, dedication, and innovation within UHK, leaving an indelible mark on patients, families, and colleagues alike.

Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald, General Manager of UHK, opened the event with her inspiring opening remarks, expressing
profound gratitude to the nominees and the entire UHK team for their unwavering commitment to the well-being of their patients and the seamless operation of the hospital. Commenting on the People of UHK she said “the people receiving awards today are representative of the many great people who work in UHK. People that work together and work as a team, produce the best results.”

The hospital received approximately 500 nominations from the public and UHK team members alike, a testament to the profound impact made by the people who work in UHK. Mairead Brosnahan, hailed for her exemplary leadership, was crowned with the esteemed Leadership Award, while Ann O’Riordan earned the coveted People of UHK Award, a tribute to her outstanding service and embodiment of the hospital’s values.

The Cashel Ward team’s collaborative brilliance was recognised with the Team of the Year Award, a testament to their seamless teamwork in delivering unparalleled care to their patients. Shining a spotlight on the unsung staff members who play a crucial role behind the scenes in UHK, the Unsung Champion Award found its deserving recipients in Cora Walsh and Carty O’Donoghue, both embodying the true essence of selfless support and dedication to their colleagues at UHK.

The People of UHK Awards 2023 shone a spotlight on exceptional individuals whose remarkable contributions to patient care left an indelible mark on those they served. These seven winners, Joann Malik, Advanced Midwife Practitioner; Dr. Jack O’Connor, Surgical SHO; Viviane Fogarty, Newborn Hearing Screener; Joe Horgan, Endoscopy Staff Nurse; Joe Diggins, Catering Department; Elaine Dennehy, Renal Nurse Specialist, and Deirdre Colgan, Nurse Sonographer were nominated by patients and their families for their unwavering commitment to providing compassionate and professional care.

The public nominations spoke volumes about the genuine gratitude patients and their families held for these exceptional individuals. Their testimonials of heartfelt appreciation reaffirming the immense value of patient-centred care at UHK. In honouring the seven award winners for the People of UHK Awards 2023 it showcased the true essence of healthcare excellence –their dedication and selflessness inspire us all and serve as a testament to the transformative power of genuine care.

A poignant moment arrived at the end of the awards, with the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Jim O’Mahony, a well admired figure in the Biochemistry department at UHK, who for in the region of four decades has shown his unwavering commitment to excellence has exemplified the spirit of service and leadership.

Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald extended her heartfelt congratulations to all the winners. “Each of our winners is exceptionally deserving” she remarked, “their dedication and service inspire us all, and we extend our gratitude to the wider community in Kerry for their invaluable nominations”

The event’s eloquent host, Elaine Kinsella, beautifully concluded the People of UHK Awards 2023, thanking the staff of UHK for their unwavering devotion. The Management of UHK want to express profound appreciation to the judging panel, the community, and everyone involved in making the People of UHK Awards an overwhelming triumph.