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Central Specimen Reception

The Central Specimen Reception is located at the entrance to the Pathology Department. The Central Specimen Reception receives and processes approximately 3000 Biochemistry and Haematology samples per day.

Key Services

  • Samples can be delivered to the Pathology Central Specimen Reception by Staff, Couriers, patient’s and GP’s .
  • Samples which require urgent processing must be hand delivered to a staff member.
  • All samples must be accompanied by a duly completed laboratory request form.
  • CSR ensures that the mandatory sample acceptance requirements [LI-PATH-ACCREJT] are adhered to. Once accepted, samples are labelled, centrifuged (where necessary) and tests assigned to the specimen tubes. Samples are then sent to the relevant laboratories for processing.
  • Patient demographic entry is completed in the Pathology Office by clerical officers.
  • Specimen Containers:
      • 24 Hour Urine containers and instructions for patients [LI-BIO-24HRLIS] may be collected from the Central Specimen Reception.
      • All other tubes are available from Central Stores/Supplies.

The laboratory is covered on a 24 hour service 365 days per year with restricted service outside routine working hours of 8am to 8pm (Monday – Friday) (excluding bank holidays)

For all general queries and results, call Pathology Office on 066 7184363(4)

For specimen enquiries call Central Specimen Reception on 066 718 4157



Tel: (066) 7184157


Key People

Head of Department: Ms. Fayna Garcia