Supporting Clinical Services


The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is a well established and dynamic department providing dietic services to a wide range of specialities throughout UHK. We have a team of dietitians working within our department providing a high quality therapeutic and advisory service i proving the heatlh of patients by appropriate nutritional intervention

Key Services

Dietitians delivery appropriate dietic and nutrional intervention while valuing and repsecting individual patient’s beliefs, wishes, abilities and cultures. We endeavour to empower patients to be involved in managing their care. Dietitions work as part of a multi-disciplinary team within UHK. Patients must be under the care of a Hospital Consultant and are referred by a member of the Consultants team before a dietetic consultation can commence.


Via UHK Switch
Tel: (066) 7184000

Key People

Bernadette Healy – Dietition Manager.
Noreen Casey – Senior Dietitian.
Melissa Costello – Senior Dietitian.
Lynn Swan – Senior Dietitian.
Irene Brosnan – A/Senior Dietitian.
Fionnuala Hamilton – Senior Dietitian.
Regina Galvin – A/Senior Dietitian.
Maria Kennedy – Dietitian.
Karen Daly – Dietitian.
Aisling Lyons – Dietitian.