Exciting Programme of Work at University Hospital Kerry

GRO UHK is an exciting and progressive programme of work to grow and further develop our hospital such that we can provide the optimal service to our patients and ensure UHK as a workplace is optimised. 

University Hospital Kerry (UHK) is proud to announce the official launch of its progressive programme of work, ‘GRO UHK’, which stands for Growing, Rejuvenating & Optimising UHK. The programme is aimed at implementing a range of projects and initiatives in response to findings and recommendations of both the recently published HIQA report and the HSE review visit to UHK in 2022.

UHK’s  Executive Management Board (EMB) have consolidated the recommendations from both reports into one overarching plan with over 200 actions. These actions grouped into key themes, comprise in excess of 50 projects, whichUHK aim to deliver through the programme GRO UHK.

Mary Fitzgerald, General Manager of University Hospital Kerry, expressed her enthusiasm for the programme, saying, We are both excited and eager in equal measure to launch this ambitious and progressive programme of work. GRO UHK will enable us to grow & develop, rejuvenate and optimise our hospital, which will ultimately improve the care we provide to our patients.”

Projects Being Delivered

Examples of some of the projects included in the GRO UHK programme range from:

  • The delivery of New Single Room Ward Block Development at UHK comprising 128 beds [88 replacement + 40 additional bed stock]
  • Deliver Multiple Capital Estates projects including provision of Off-site Administration Accommodation
  • Provision of a Sixth Operating Theatre
  • Deliver interim and additionally a permanent New Oncology Build
  • The completion of the state-of-the-art Laboratory Build
  • Establishment of Clinical Leadership Governance Model for UHK
  • Appointment of New and Priority Posts across the hospital


These projects will address the recommendations from the HIQA report and the HSE review visit to UHK, enhancing the overall quality of care for patients.

To ensure the successful implementation of the programme, a model of governance is in place with a HSE Oversight Team at National level. The EMB at UHK meet with this team on a regular basis to provide updates.  UHK  has also established an Implementation Team at hospital level with multidisciplinary representation  – Working through the guidance of the Implemenation Team will be several project groups, each with a project sponsor at Implementation Team level.   HSE specialist support and external support is also encompassed.


Over the coming months, UHK will provide further updates on the progress of the GRO UHK programme on the website.  With the implementation of this programme, UHK aims to continue providing high-quality care to its patients while improving its facilities and services and ultimately patient outcomes and experience.