Supporting Clinical Services

Laboratory (Pathology)

The Pathology Department at UHK provides a high quality diagnostic laboratory service to patients in Kerry and the wider catchment area. 

Key Services

The Pathology department provides a routine laboratory service from 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays). Outside of these hours there is an emergency out-of-hours service available from 8pm – 8am, Monday – Friday and 24 hour emergency out-of-hours service available on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. 

The Pathology Department is composed of five departments: Blood Transfusion (including Haemovigilence), Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology & Molecular Diagnostics and Histopathology. 

The Central Specimen Reception (CSR) area handles routine queries and manages receipt and pre-processing of patient samples for Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology. 



General Laboratory Office –
General Result Enquiries: 
Tel: (066) 71843634
Fax: (066) 718 4158

Central Specimen Reception – Specimen Enquiries:
(066) 7184157



Blood Bank Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4366

Biochemistry Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4369

Haematology Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4367

Microbiology Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4368

Molecular Diagnostics Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4052

Histopathology Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4370

Haemovigilance Lab enquiries:
(066) 718 4155

IT and Quality Dept. enquiries:
(066) 718 4361

Key People

Dr. Grace Creedon, Laboratory Manager 

Prof. M. Cahill, Consultant Haematologist

Dr M Louw,  Consultant Chemical Pathologist 

Dr Joy Baruah, Consultant Microbiologist

Ms. Carol Shanahan, Pathology Quality Manager

Ms. Mary Foley, Pathology IT Manager

Mr. C. Power, Chief Medical Scientist (Microbiology)

Ms. H. Reid, Specialist Scientist  – Blood Bank

Mr. J. O’ Mahony, Specialist Scientist  – Biochemistry

Mr. D Burke, Specialist Scientist  – Haematology

Ms. N. Lovett, Specialist Scientist –  Microbiology

Ms. J. Lyne Specialist, Scientist – Molecular Diagnostics 

Ms. K. Ashmann, Laboratory Lead – CSR

Ms. M. O’ Riordan, Haemovigilance Officers

Ms. N. Hunt