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Departments in UHK

Maternity & Womens Services

Our maternity and Gynae unit is one of four units in the SSWHG – 96.6.% of Patients Surveyed felt that the midwives listened carefully to them.

Key Services

Our Maternity services include a Gynae department with outpatient, inpatient, ambulatory gynae, fertility, urogynaecology, menorrhagia, ambulatory gynae and colposcopy clinics. We provide 1:1 Midwife Care in Labour Ward providing familiarity and reassurance. At our antenatal clinics waiting times are short & patients are afforded significant quality time with the midwives without large queues in the waiting room


Via UHK Switch
Tel: (066) 718400


Fetal Assessment Unit:
(066) 718 4123
Emily Ward:
(066) 718 4349

Ardfert/Labour Ward:
(066) 718 4324

Smoking Resource Officer:
(066) 719 5617

Gallarus/Postnatal Ward:
(066) 718 4318

Infant Feeding / Lactation Consultant: (087) 095 2046

Bereavement Service in Pregnancy Loss:(087) 609 2401

Diabetes Service in Pregnancy: (086) 7872455

Key People

Dr Paul Hughes – Clinical Lead
Dr Mary McCaffrey – Cons O&G
Dr Savita Lalchandani – Cons O&G
Dr Magid Abubakar – Cons O&G
Ms Sandra O’Connor – Director of Midwifery