UHK Prevents Disposal of Over 200,000 Cups Annually with New Sustainability Initiative

University Hospital Kerry (UHK) is taking proactive steps to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility within its operations.  As stewards of health and wellbeing, the hospital is committed to leading by example in embracing eco-friendly practices that reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimise our carbon footprint.

Effective from Thursday, 23rd of May, UHK will bid farewell to single-use cups.  Disposable cups are being replaced with sustainable alternatives, to support our commitment to a greener future.  This initiative will eliminate the disposal of over 4,000 disposable cups per week, amounting to over 200,000 cups annually, a significant step in reducing our environmental impact.

As part of this sustainability initiative, each UHK staff member will receive a complimentary 2GoCup ‘keep cup’, further encouraging sustainable practices.   Additionally, rinsers will be available in the hospital restaurant for convenient cup cleaning.

In addition to the elimination of single-use cups, UHK is introducing free water bottle filling stations located at several key areas within the hospital.  These stations not only promote hydration but also encourage the use of reusable bottles, effectively reducing plastic waste and contributing to a more eco-conscious hospital environment.  Equipped with high-activated purification systems and electronic eco bottle counters, these water stations further denote UHK’s commitment to sustainability and accountability.

The Initiative has been funded via UHK and HSE Capital & Estates through Climate Action & Sustainability Office and is supported locally by the UHK Green Team.

University Hospital Kerry invite all hospital visitors to embrace these sustainable changes, by choosing reusable options and utilising the free water bottle filling stations at the hospital.