Supporting Clinical Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people to do the everyday activities that they want and need to do when faced with illness, injury, disability or challenging life events. 

Key Services

The Occupational Therapy team at UHK works closely with the UHK multidisciplinary team, patients and their carers to provide comprehensive assessment, rehabilitation and discharge planning for patients. 

We strive to provide tailored programmes aimed at:

  • Increasing independence with activities of daily living (ADL) including functional bed/ chair/ toilet/ car transfers, personal care routines and meal preparation
  • Maximising functional seating & positioning. Following comprehensive assessment the prescription & provision of wheelchairs and specialised seating systems for in-patients can be facilitated. We have access to specialised seating and pressure care systems while in hospital which can be prescribed by an OT following a comprehensive seating assessment.
  • Safe discharge preparation. Assessment for & prescription of adaptive equipment. Equipment may be prescribed for patients to facilitate a safe and sustainable discharge home such as toilet, showering or transfer aids. 
  • Cognitive rehabilitation for maximising cognitive function
  • Upper limb rehabilitation to maximise upper limb function
  • Education and advice to patients and families/ caregivers in order for patients to maximise their functional potential on discharge


Tel: (066) 7184081

Key People

Patricia Kennelly, Occupational Therapist Manager