Supporting Clinical Services


UHK Diabetic foot clinic for patients with active foot disease secondary to their diabetes

Key Services

  • Assessment and management of patients with acute and chronic complex diabetic foot ulcerations.
  • Assessment and management of patients with Charcot foot, casting and off-loading where clinically indicated.
  • Vascular assessment for those patients with peripheral vascular disease and onward referrals when clinically indicated
  • Casting and off-loading with the aim to heal active ulcerations, and with the aim to prevent amputations/ further amputations.
  • Liaise with visiting orthotist to address biomechanical issues to prevent re ulceration and maintain healing.
  • Wound assessment, tissue viability and sharp debridement of diabetic ulcerations. An in depth understanding of wound healing, negative pressure therapies, wound dressing, and the rational of using same.
  • Requesting bloods, x -ray, and MRI when clinically indicated under the endocrinology team.
  • Understanding the role of antibiotic therapy in treating infections in the diabetic foot, with the aim to promote wound healing and prevent amputation where possible. Also being able to interpret swab results as to ensure that the correct antibiotic is prescribed.
  • Patients and staff education regarding diabetic foot disease and its complications.
  • Work as part of the foot protection team, including the Diabetes nurse specialist and consultant endocrinologist.
  • Liaise with Gps, PHN, PN, and allied healthcare providers regarding overall patient care.
  • Onwards referral of patients who present with complex orthopaedic foot complications to specialist orthopaedic consultant.
  • Liaise with CIT in UHK and the microbiologist in CUH, regarding patients who present with infected diabetic foot ulcerations but are suitable for the services of CIT.


Tel: (066) 7103267

Key People

Senior Podiatrist:  Aideen Courtney (Clerical to Podiatry)