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Departments in UHK


Our Radiology Department specialises in providing General X-Ray, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound, CT (via consultant ) & Fluoroscopy & Interventional Radiology services

Key Services

Our Radiology Plain X-Ray Service is provided to all in-patients, out-patients, outpatient clinics, E.D. AMAU and GP patients. Patient with Chest referrals receive an appointment within 2 weeks. Routine GP patients and non-urgent out patients are booked for an examination on an appointment basis.

CT & Ultrasound services are provided to all in patients, out patients, ED, AMAU, and GP patients. Requests for the above examinations are vetted by a radiologist prior to scheduling.

Please ensure that if you are unable to attend for your x-ray appointment that you contact the radiology department as soon as possible so that we can give this appointment to another patient


Tel: (066) 7184269 or
(066) 7184260

Key People

Anna Marie O’Flaherty, Radiography Services Manager
John O’Sullivan, Deputy Radiography Services Manager
Gillian Mulcahy, PACS Manager
Catherine Tierney, Clinical Specialist Ultrasound (Vascular)
Noreen O’Donnell, Clinical Specialist Ultrasound (General)
Emma Galvin, Clinical Specialist CT
Dr Martin Schranz, Radiologist
Dr Sibu Hlongwane, Radiologist
Dr Hilary Kelly, Radiologist