Supporting Clinical Services


Our Radiology Department specialises in providing General X-Ray, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound, CT (via consultant ) & Fluoroscopy & Interventional Radiology services. MRI is also available on-site.

Key Services

Our Radiology Plain X-Ray Service is provided to all in-patients, out-patients, outpatient clinics, Emergency Department, Medical Assessment Unit and GP patients. Patient referred for chest X-ray receive an appointment within 2 weeks. Routine GP patients and non-urgent out patients are booked for an examination on an appointment basis.

CT & Ultrasound services are provided to all in patients, out patients, Emergency Department, Medical Assessment Unit and GP patients. Requests for the above examinations are vetted by a radiologist prior to scheduling.

Please ensure that if you are unable to attend for your X-ray appointment that you contact the Radiology Department as soon as possible so that we can give this appointment to another patient.


Tel:  (066) 7184269 or (066) 7184260

Key People

Consultant Radiologists:
Dr Martin Schranz, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Sibu Hlongwane, Radiologist

Dr Hilary Kelly, Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Michal Jankowski

Dr Tamer Salem, Consultant Radiologist


Anna Marie O’Flaherty, Radiography Services Manager
Ger Brassil, A/Deputy Radiography Services Manager
Gillian Mulcahy, PACS Manager
Catherine Tierney, Clinical Specialist Ultrasound (Vascular)
Noreen O’Donnell, Clinical Specialist Ultrasound (General)
Emma Galvin, Clinical Specialist CT
Dr Sibu Hlongwane, Radiologist