Love is in ‘the air’

UHK Celebrates Valentine’s Day as a Smoke-Free Zone

On this Valentine’s Day, University Hospital Kerry [UHK] endorses its dedication to a healthier environment by reinvigorating its ‘No Smoking Campus’ policy and status. The policy comprises all UHK sites, reflecting the hospital’s ongoing journey towards being tobacco and e-cigarette-free.

In addition to creating a healthier and cleaner atmosphere, this smoke-free commitment aligns with UHK's
broader mission of promoting overall well-being. By ensuring that all UHK sites, including the Clash
Administration building and CentrePoint building in Tralee, are free from tobacco and e-cigarette use, UHK is
fostering an environment where patients, visitors, and staff can breathe freely.

While reflecting National and HSE policy, its implementation locally is testament to UHK’s broader mission and values to prioritise the health and well-being of everyone within its community. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, this renewed commitment reflects the love and care that UHK extends to each individual who walks through its doors.

Whilst smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes/vapes is entirely prohibited inside, at entrances and outside
all buildings on the UHK campus, we are very happy to support in a meaningful way, anyone who decides to
break the practice. We offer a range of evidence based resources* here at UHK, to support you in quitting, by
making the healthier choice the easier choice!

Mary Fitzgerald General Manager:
‘We look forward to our Hospital and extended campus areas becoming cleaner and healthier with the complete
eradication of use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Stopping smoking at any age, is the single most
important thing a person can do to improve their health – So on this Valentine’s Day, afford some ‘real’ love to
yourself and to those around you by taking the first worthwhile steps in breaking free from smoking.’

Dr. Liam Chawke Consultant Respiratory Physician, UHK:
‘Cigarettes contain over 60 harmful known carcinogens. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer related
deaths, as well causing chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In addition, it effects other organs leading to
reduced physical health as well as overall quality of life.

Many people who smoke wish to quit, but find it difficult to do so without appropriate supports. It well
evidenced that nicotine replacement therapy, as well as linking with smoking cessation services significantly
 increases your chances of quitting long term.’ Your hospital or GP can refer you, and more helpful information
is available at

*Local Supports
For Staff : The ‘Stop Smoking’ or ‘Smoking Cessation Service is available to all staff with services & resources to
quit smoking and/or in managing during working hours.  If you choose to quit smoking, then you will be referred
into the Kerry Stop Smoking Service where we have two local smoking cessation advisors. They will be delighted to support you face-to face. Using a standard treatment programme, which involves a combination of behavioural support and nicotine replacement therapy, our advisors will support you to be free of nicotine over a few short weeks.

For Patients : If you are a patient in UHK, you will be supported to suspend your smoking while in the hospital.
Nicotine-replacement products can ease your cravings and make you comfortable, while in University Hospital
Kerry. Those who wish to learn more about the free standard treatment programme, nicotine replacement therapy for
patients or staff or referral pathways can contact

For Visitors to UHK and General Public : We encourage you to make contact with the clinic nearest to you on
the website at By availing of the one-to-one supports, as well as
the medications, you are four times more likely to quit, even if you have tried many times before. It is never
too late to quit.

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