Stories from University Hospital Kerry

The Symphony of Care Video Series

The Symphony of Care video series, showcased on, offers a captivating glimpse into the lives of the People of UHK.

In this compelling series, we shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who make up the backbone of UHK. From the dedicated nurses ensuring compassionate care, to the skilled consultants driving medical excellence, and the incredible support staff who keep the hospital running smoothly, each episode of Symphony of Care provides a personal and inspiring perspective from some of the team in UHK.

Through candid interviews, some of the People of UHK share their unique stories, recount their meaningful experiences, and reveal the unwavering sense of purpose and teamwork that fuels their daily efforts. It’s an opportunity to connect with the faces behind the healthcare, to understand their motivations, and to appreciate the dedication that goes into every patient’s well-being.

Take a moment to explore the Symphony of Care series and discover the uplifting stories from some of UHK’s incredible team.

Join us in celebrating the incredible People of UHK and the remarkable work they do. Explore the Symphony of Care series today and be inspired by their compelling stories: PEOPLE OF UHK VIDEOS

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