Visitor Information

We welcome visitors to UHK and realise the importance of such visits to the well being of our patient’s peace and quiet to rest and recover.

To find out what ward a patient is in, please ask at the main reception desk and they will direct you to the ward. Alternatively, you can ring ahead on (066) 7184000 and the staff will tell you.

Visiting Times

Please Note:  Visiting times are subject to change in accordance with public health guidelines and during period of ongoing precautions visiting arrangements will vary from the ‘Normal Visiting Arrangements‘ outlined below.   These are posted on our Facebook page. here


Normal Visiting Arrangements

The visiting hours for University Hospital Kerry are as follows:


DAILY – Monday to Sunday

30 min visits per patient

Visit by appointment only through the visiting co-ordinator

PHONE 087 – 1138053


Extended Visiting Times for Husbands/Partners to Maternity are 12.30pm – 8.30pm

Visiting to the Special Care Baby Unit (Emly Ward) is restricted to parents.  Parents are requested not to visit unit during handover times of 08.00-09.00 and 20.00 -21.00.  In sensitive cases please liaise with the ward manager. 

Visits to patients in the Intensive Care Units are restricted. Please talk to the nurses in charge. They will let you know if it is possible to visit.

Anyone with any queries about visiting times or visiting a particular ward should ring the hospital in advance on Tel: (066) 7184000.

Where children are allowed to visit with relatives or friends, kindly explain the need to respect the rights of the patient’s peace and quiet. Children, at all times, must be under direct parental/guardian supervision.

University Hospital Kerry recognises that not being able to visit family and friends during visitor restictions is difficult.  To help with this, there are alternative methods of keeping in contact with loved ones in hospital when it is not possible to visit in person.

Video Calls for Patients

For patients who don’t have their own digital device or smart phone, we have set up a dedicated service so that patients can enjoy video calls with families and friends. Short video calls can be of great comfort to patients during these times.

To request a video call contact the Nurse in Charge on the relevant Ward. Any Patient can also request video calls from their Nurse in Charge. 

Calls can be made Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.

•Maximum call time of 20 mins per patient.

•No clinical information will be given via calls.

•Strict GDPR guidelines will be adhered to.

Letters to Patients

We have set up a specific email address so that patients can receive direct messages from people thinking of them. Letters from friends and family can be of great comfort to patients during these times, and they can read them over and over again. 

Email your letter for a patient to: 

Be sure to include on the subject line the Patient’s Full Name, Ward Name (if known) and the first line of the patient’s home address. 

The service will run Monday to Friday. Emails will be printed, enveloped and delivered to that patient within a 24 hour time frame. Letters received over the weekend or on public holidays will be delivered the next working day.

For more information contact the Visitor Coordinator on 087-1138053

Contacting A Ward

To speak to the staff on a ward, please call the main UHK switch on (066) 718400

UHK Floor Map – Finding Your Way

Visiting Guidelines

Please remember that patient safety is our number one priority. We have strict policies on infection prevention and control which apply to everyone: staff, patients and visitors. We would ask all visitors observe the following:


  • Only two visitors permitted to visit at any one time
  • The Hospital is a no smoking campus this includes the use of electronic smoking devices
  • To avoid bringing infection into the ward, visitors are asked not to visit if they’re suffering from colds, flu or infections
  • If you are bringing food into patients, please check with the staff in charge – this is to decrease the risk of food contamination and patients may also be on a restricted diet
  • Use visitor toilets rather than patient toilets this reduces the risk of cross-infection
  • Please dispose of any litter properly, help us to keep our communal areas and entrances clean. This includes lifts and stairwells.
  • Please note that visiting during mealtimes is forbidden. This enables patients’ to eat and enjoy their meals uninterrupted, an essential requirement for good nutrition so our patients can recover more quickly. The only exception to this is if you are a carer providing assistance with a patient’s mealtime
  • Never bring alcohol or drugs to patients 

General Information


University Hospital Kerry is located at Rathass, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92 NX94.



Staff Canteen: Visitors and relatives of patients are very welcome in the Staff Canteen . (Please be mindful that many staff are on a tight break schedules and staff will be prioritised at busy periods).

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7.00am – 2.30pm, Evening Meals: 5.30pm – 7.00pm Weekends & Bank Holidays: 9.30am – 2.30pm. 

Vending Machines: Available in the Emergency Department waiting area and Out Patients entrance area. 


The hospital is monitored by CCTV cameras both internally and externally, 24 hours a day. Security Officers manage traffic control and routinely patrol all areas of the buildings and grounds. All security incidents, including items lost or found should be reported to theSecurity Office.



Packages/Bags can be dropped to Security Desk Main Reception, with Patient Name & Ward Name attached

Cut off time for bags to the wards as follows:
Monday to Friday: 16.00hrs,  Weekends: 15.00hrs

Note: No envelopes containing cash will be accepted; No bags accepted after cut off time



Parking is available in the visitor car park.  Ticket can be paid for using the ticket machines in the Emergency Department and the Main Entrance Lobby. 

Local Area Accommodation

A list of B&Bs and hotels in the local areas is available from Main Reception. You can also find accommodation in the area by visiting