Reduction in Waiting Lists 

University Hospital Kerry Commends Hospital Staff for Remarkable Progress in Tackling Waiting Lists

University Hospital Kerry (UHK) extends heartfelt appreciation to its dedicated healthcare team as Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, lauded the substantial advancements made in addressing hospital waiting lists in Kerry throughout 2023.

The relentless efforts of UHK’s healthcare workers have resulted in a nearly 50% reduction in patients waiting over 12 months for an outpatient appointment and a remarkable 30% reduction in those awaiting inpatient/day-case procedures.

In his release on the 18th of January, Minister Donnelly emphasised the following achievements at University Hospital Kerry:

  • A significant 47% reduction, equating to 650 patients, in those waiting over 12 months for an outpatient appointment.
  • A commendable 30% reduction (100 patients) in individuals awaiting an inpatient/day-case procedure.
  • An impressive 95% reduction (40 patients) in those waiting over six months for an inpatient/day-case procedure.

Minister Donnelly stated, “Throughout 2023, we’ve been tackling waiting lists hospital by hospital and specialty by specialty. Thanks to the enormous efforts of our healthcare workers in University Hospital Kerry, we have fewer patients waiting now than we did a year ago. 2023 was the second year in a row that we achieved this progress, and I’m determined that fewer patients again will be waiting in Kerry at the end of 2024.”

General Manager of UHK, Mary Fitzgerald said ”UHK is immensely proud of its team for their unwavering commitment to providing timely and quality healthcare, ensuring a positive impact on the lives of patients in Kerry.”  On this occasion we particularly commend all members of the Scheduled Care Team UHK, who have delivered the significant waiting list reductions that Minister Donnelly has outlined this week”

Minister Donnelly added in his statement, “I would like to thank all our healthcare staff who have worked tirelessly to reduce our waiting lists. It is thanks to the huge efforts of all the frontline staff and management that 2023 was the second year in a row that national hospital waiting lists fell.”